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Rock & Chill Presets - Guitar Rig

Rock & Chill Presets - Guitar Rig

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23 Presets of my favorite Guitar Rig Amps which I used all over my covers and original songs.
You will find the heaviest riffers settings and mellow tremolo goodies to rock and chill with your friends and loved ones!
This is a great way to support my channel and my music! Give it a strum!



NB Bellow Mellow

NB Clean Stratosphere

NB Jump DelayMan

NB Jump Octave Dog 2

NB Shamisen

NB VAC BOX That Girl

NB VAN 51 Heavy

NB Vibrato Chords

NB Vibrato Sweet

NB 800 Fight

NB 800 Heavy Delay Rev

NB 800 Martyr

NB Beasty Monster Jump

NB Interesting Tremolo

NB Vibrino Clean

NB Vibrino Crunch

Files included:

  • NB Bellow Mellow.ngrr
  • NB Clean Stratosphere.ngrr
  • NB Jump DelayMan.ngrr
  • NB Jump Octave Dog 2.ngrr
  • NB Shamisen.ngrr
  • NB VAC BOX That Girl.ngrr
  • NB VAN 51 Heavy.ngrr
  • NB Vibrato Chords.ngrr
  • NB Vibrato Sweet.ngrr
  • NB 800 Fight.ngrr
  • NB 800 Heavy Delay Rev.ngrr
  • NB 800 Martyr.ngrr
  • NB Beasty Monster Jump.ngrr
  • NB Interesting Tremolo.ngrr
  • NB Vibrino Clean.ngrr
  • NB Vibrino Crunch.ngrr