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You have knowledge, experience, wisdom and charisma.

In other words, you possess everything music students are hungry to consume.

Monetizing your musical forte can sizably help students follow their calling, while properly exploiting your talents.

Students gain access to quality music education, which yields great spiritual rewards to you, their teacher–and we’ve found that it can be quite lucrative, as well.

Your options are very flexible.

You can list your recorded courses and workshops for sale on flatfiv, and collect royalties into the future.

Alternatively, you can teach classes on an ongoing basis.

You can sell practical novelties such as custom amps and software plugins, or even your book.

Or you might go the hands-on route by offering interactive online lessons, 1-on-1 Office Hours calls with students, or professional critiques of musical works.

Some bundling of the above items can make for a superb subscription-based club; this is the recommended option for the most enterprising of instructors.

We can assist in figuring out the best fit for you.

By the way, did we mention flatfiv is non-exclusive? You may monetize your name,
your works, your body and soul anywhere you please.

Just let us know if we can help.

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