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May...Sound Amazing - Queenish Preset Pack

May...Sound Amazing - Queenish Preset Pack

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I started playing guitar because I wanted to hear the magic Mayish tone coming from my hands, and decades later I am finally satisfied!
These sounds where born to match the specific tone of the song they (almost) bear the name of and, at the same time, they cover the basis for pretty much every Mayish sound you might think of.
These presets are variations on the same base rig, but the devil is in the details and I have to say I am very satisfied with the results.
The presets where done keeping into account different guitars and, even though a RSpecial replica would help, they work just fine with other guitars. Just keep in mind that every guitar reacts differently according to its nature!
Think of it like if you where putting your guitar into His rig!


It's easy!
1)Open Guitar Rig 5
2)Click on "File"(top left corner)
3)Click on "Import" and select the presets by browsing to the folder in which you saved them. You will have to import them one by one.
4)Look them up in the Guitar Rig browser and select the one you need
5)Have fun!


A Game

Boh Rhap

It All


We Gonna Rock You

Brighton Pebble

Files included:

  • A Game.ngrr
  • Boh Rhap.ngrr
  • Brighton Pebble.ngrr
  • It All.ngrr
  • Killer.ngrr
  • We Gonna Rock You.ngrr