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HX Stomp fww Preset Pack 1

HX Stomp fww Preset Pack 1

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Files included:

  • KW AC30 RngMstr, Classic AC30 tones with a Range master in the boost
  • KW Beano HB, the preset I wrote for use in the "Beano on a Budget" video
  • KW Beano McDial, dialing a JCM45 the McErlain way, front pickup first
  • KW Beano TL, the JCM45 dial for my telecasters
  • KW Beano MeetsEJ, my Eric Johnson tones take on the classic Beano tones
  • KW DG AC30, David Grissom style pedals in from of an AC30
  • KW DG GA40, DG's pedals in from of the Gibson GA40 model, like the one I built
  • KW DG Plxi, DG's fly board into the 50 watt Marshall that made him famous
  • KW DG Tweed, DG's fly board into a classic Tweed Deluxe
  • KW Dlx AskZac, My Zac Childs informed Deluxe Reverb patch
  • KW Dlx R201H, A Roland RE201 Space Echo tape delay into a Deluxe
  • KW Dlx R201HCln, Bill Sanderson suggested a clean version of the above edge of break up tones, thanks Bill
  • KW Dlx Slap+RF, I pictured Robben plugged into a backline Deluxe
  • KW Mdd Frz,JC, a "modded (Mdd)" version of John Cordy's freeze patch concepts
  • KW Swell Glitz, Swell delay patch with a the Glitz reverb
  • KW Swell Plateau, Swell delay patch but with a harmonic tremolo and shimmer style reverb