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Rick Beato — Helix Pack 3
Rick Beato — Helix Pack 3

Rick Beato — Helix Pack 3

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Orange Lead

Orange Fuzz

Orange Rhythm

Orange Clean SC

Hiwatt Crunch

Hiwatt Heavy

Hiwatt Lead

Hiwatt Lo Crunch


Rick Beato Helix Pack 3

This is my more Indie pack of presets, and these two amps are great for that sound!  I have always loved Orange amps and I think I have owned about every one there is.  The Orange OD amp has a great midrange and rawness that I have always loved.  The Hiwatt has an amazingly beautiful clean channel and gets so punchy on the attacks as well. Put a pedal in front of the dirty channel and it sounds thick!  Both great amps for any heavy rock song.

(All presets are only using stock impulse responses since custom IRs wont remain linked to the profile.  Also, for most presets, I left the other snapshots open for the user to tweak, customize, and save without disturbing the original presets.  You will see that EQ has been added to each preset when needed to help simulate the top and low end of the real amps and how I am used to hearing them.  Finally, make sure to try out different guitars with the presets.  When working on the models, I used telecasters, strats, Les Pauls, and other guitars and of course, all guitars and pickups will react differently.  If a telecaster seems too bright, try using a guitar with P90 pickups.  The clean tones will always sound great with a single-coil guitar but certainly try a Les Paul in the neck position.  And if the gain is not enough for you, definitely use a guitar with a humbucker!)

Files included:

  • Hiwatt Clean SC.hlx
  • Hiwatt Crunch.hlx
  • Hiwatt Grunge.hlx
  • Hiwatt Heavy.hlx
  • Hiwatt Lead.hlx
  • Hiwatt Lo Crunch.hlx
  • Orange Clean SC.hlx
  • Orange Fuzz.hlx
  • Orange Lead.hlx
  • Orange Rhythm.hlx