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NoiseTown - Kemper Profiles

NoiseTown - Kemper Profiles

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Noisetown 1 Cln V30
Noisetown 4 V30
Noisetown 6 25wGB
Noisetown 6 30wCTS
Noisetown 6 V30
Noisetown Clean Delay
Noisetown D&M Boost 25wGB
Noisetown EP Boost Low 25wGB
Noisetown Full-On Dirty 25wGB
Noisetown Fuzz
Noisetown Heaven


Sound City 50R
What a great amp for straight up rawness!  Modeled after a vintage amp used a lot in the British Invasion, this 50-watt amp is a rhythm players amp.  From punchy clean tones to a rhythm channel that can do both light crunch to heavy distortion, it is a very versatile amp.  Toss an overdrive pedal in the chain and you have the makings of both vintage and modern lead tones!  I’m a big fan of the grunge days and this amp would fit right in.       

In my music productions, I pulled this amp out when I wanted a raw unique tone for my rhythms and because it’s so unique, I decided to profile it before some of my other high-gain amps.  There are tons of 5150 and Mesa profiles out there but I have yet to see this amp profile anywhere.  There are so many gain settings on this amp that we tried to capture this complete range from pristine clean to full on dirty, even bridging the channels and adding in a Keeley D&M distortion pedal.  In addition, we profiled each amp setting through 3 cabinets… a 25w greenback, a vintage 30, and the custom CTS cabinet that came with the amp.  Each of the 48 profiles sound different and will give you lots of options based on your rhythm style.  We also tried not to stray too far from the natural profiles by tweaking the hell out of them.  Of course, we were having too much fun with this one and created some extra interesting profiles using fuzz, chorus, long reverbs, delays, and definitely some great lead profiles.  It’s a fun and unique pack that all guitarists should love!


Files included:

  • NoiseTown 1 Clean 25wGB
  • NoiseTown 1 Clean 30wCTS
  • NoiseTown 1 Clean V30
  • NoiseTown 2 25wGB
  • NoiseTown 2 30wCTS
  • NoiseTown 2 V30
  • NoiseTown 3 25wGB
  • NoiseTown 3 30wCTS
  • NoiseTown 3 V30
  • NoiseTown 4 25wGB
  • NoiseTown 4 30wCTS
  • NoiseTown 4 V30
  • NoiseTown 5 30wCTS
  • NoiseTown 5 Clean 25wGB
  • NoiseTown 5 V30
  • NoiseTown 6 25wGB
  • NoiseTown 6 30wCTS
  • NoiseTown 6 V30
  • NoiseTown 7 25wGB
  • NoiseTown 7 30wCTS
  • NoiseTown 7 V30
  • NoiseTown 8 25wGB
  • NoiseTown 8 30wCTS
  • NoiseTown 8 V30
  • NoiseTown All Dimes 25wGB
  • NoiseTown All Dimes 30wCTS
  • NoiseTown All Dimes V30
  • NoiseTown AM Radio
  • NoiseTown Custom 30wCTS
  • NoiseTown Custom RB 25wGB
  • NoiseTown Custom RB 30wCTS
  • NoiseTown Custom V30
  • NoiseTown D&M Boost 25wGB
  • NoiseTown Dream Chords
  • NoiseTown EP Boost High 25wGB
  • NoiseTown EP Boost Low 25wGB
  • NoiseTown Full-On Dirty 25wGB
  • NoiseTown Full-On Dirty 30wCTS
  • NoiseTown Full-On Dirty V30
  • NoiseTown Fuzz
  • NoiseTown Heaven
  • NoiseTown Lead 1
  • NoiseTown Lead 2
  • NoiseTown Lead Octave
  • NoiseTown Rhythm Octave
  • NoiseTown Rhythm Octave 2
  • NoiseTown Clean Delay