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Exploring The Diminished Scale

Exploring The Diminished Scale

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In this course we will take a look at the Diminished Scale and what chords are hidden inside (besides diminished).

If you have trouble memorizing the Diminished ( whole half and half whole ) scale this tutorial video is just what the doctor ordered. In this 3 part video lesson we will take a look at the Diminished Scale and what chords ( besides diminished ) you would encounter that you use the scale with when improvising. I'll show you a special way at looking at the scale that will simplify and reveal it like you've never seen before. I'll show you hidden shapes within the scale that are often over looked by most players. We will also look at ways of practicing the scale all over the neck so you will be able to spice up your solos at a moments notice. Included with the tutorial are Neck Diagram and supplemental reference files in the PDF format. This video is a good compliment to the Outside Secrets Part 4 tutorial.

All examples are transcribed in tab and standard notation. These will be included in the Guitar Pro and PDF formats. Keep in mind I only offer customer service and support to customers who buy my products from me or authorized vendors.


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