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Outside Secrets 4

Outside Secrets 4

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In this course you'll learn a vast array of concepts and licks with the diminished scale.

In this one hour video we will take a look at the diminished scale and its applications regarding the dominant and minor 7th chords. I also share with you a vast array of concepts and licks using economy and sweep picking, legato runs, and even tapping. This time I have included on screen fretboard diagrams to make it even easier to follow along! Besides getting the transcriptions of all 75 examples you will also get the fretboard diagrams and backing tracks to help you practice applying all the new ideas you will learn.

All examples are transcribed in tab and standard notation. These will be included in the Guitar Pro, Power Tab, and PDF formats. Keep in mind I only offer customer service and support to customers who buy my products from me or authorized vendors.


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