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Hybrid Picking Spread Triads

Hybrid Picking Spread Triads

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An exciting approach to add new dimensions to your music and playing style

In this one hour video I show you a very interesting concept used by the pros for creating wide intervalic lines! This concept is based on open voiced triads or what is commonly referred to as spread triads. We will also look at utilizing the hybrid picking technique to execute these ideas. This will open up new doors and a wide range of possibilities that you may have never explored. This instructional video contains 50 examples with on screen neck diagrams and dual camera angles that make it easy to learn as well as PDFs and Guitar Pro files. I've also arranged a super cool etude using a famous jazz standard using this concept that you can keep in your repertoire to maintain your hybrid picking chops.If you are serious about becoming a better musician and guitarist this DVD is for you. It doesn't matter what style you play. Utilizing the concepts presented in this video will add a whole new dimension to your playing and musicianship guaranteed!

All examples are transcribed in tab and standard notation. These will be included in the Guitar Pro and PDF formats. Keep in mind I only offer customer service and support to customers who buy my products from me or authorized vendors.


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