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You Can Play Over Changes

You Can Play Over Changes

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In my latest course I show you a method for playing over changes that I take all my students through.  This method is arpeggio centric and will help you hit the best notes every time.  If you find yourself struggling to play over changes this method is for you.  With this chord tone based approach, you'll finally start hearing what you've been searching for.  The course is packed with exercises and etudes that will sharpen your skills and get you on the right track for playing that solo you've been waiting for.  The exercises and etudes use Soundslice technology which makes learning fun and a lot easier than ever before.  Included in the course are mp3 backing tracks, Band in a Box files, Guitar Pro files, PDFs, Neck Diagrams, and more! Total running time is 102 minutes.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Harmonized Major Scale and Progressions
  3. Analysis of a Tune
  4. Arpeggio Shape Primer
  5. 211 Arp Exercises
  6. 121 Arp Exercises
  7. 112 Arp Exercises
  8. The ii V I with Arpeggios
  9. Cycle of Fourths and the ii V I
  10. ii V I Etude
  11. How to memorize a tune
  12. Creating a Chord Map
  13. Chord Map Etude
  14. Creating an Arpeggio Map
  15. All The Things You Are 211 Etude
  16. All The Things You Are 121 Etude
  17. All The Things You Are 112 Etude
  18. Two Octave Arpeggio Primer
  19. Two Octave Arps Set 1 ( Strings 1 – 5 )
  20. Two Octave Arps Set 2 ( String 2 – 6 )
  21. Two Octave Arps ( Strings 1 – 6 )
  22. Creating a Two Octave Etude
  23. ATTYA Two Octave Etude
  24. Creating a Melodic Etude
  25. Melodic Etude ( Original Changes )
  26. Superimposition
  27. Melodic Etude off the third Etude
  28. Melodic Etude off the 5th Etude
  29. Chord / Arp / Line Association
  30. Lines based around 212 Architecture Set 1
  31. Lines based around 212 Architecture Set 2
  32. Learn the melody
  33. ATTYA Melody Played Straight
  34. Embellishing the Melody ( think of it as the Melodic Etude )
  35. ATTYA Melody Embellished
  36. Conclusion

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