The Diagonal Pentatonic Method - The Essentials

The Diagonal Pentatonic Method - The Essentials

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Part I - The Essentials
This course is the first part of a 2-part series. Enrollment in this course provides access to the core method lecture series. This is the foundation to the conceptual approach of the Diagonal Pentatonic Method.

The pentatonic scale is an integral part of being a musician, especially a guitarist. It’s a must have aspect when playing music from many different cultures, especially our Western Popular, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk, and Country styles.

This course describes a method for transcending typical guitar scales. I’ve taught thousands of guitar lessons in my lifetime and a very common struggle for beginner to intermediate players is memorizing scale shapes. One of the main advantages of the Diagonal Pentatonic Method is the ability to move fluidly between positions and octaves, maintaining similar looking and feeling shapes.

Presented here is a simple and expandable method for learning the major and minor pentatonic scales across the entire guitar neck. This complete course features step-by-step instruction, neck diagrams for major and minor pentatonics across the neck, and a music theory primer teaching key concepts for understanding.

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