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IR Pack -D/13 2x12 Open Back

IR Pack -D/13 2x12 Open Back

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This cabinet is a 2x12 open back loaded with two different speakers, a 70th Anniversary G12H30 and an Alnico Blue. This cab’s unique tone and response comes from these two speakers working together, so whenever possible I would recommend using 2 different IR’s of each speaker respectively. Included in this pack are IR files designed to work seamlessly with Helix, AxeFX, Kemper, Iridium and just about any DAW IR loader software on the market.

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HELIX D13 Blend 57 R121

HELIX D13 Blend CV-12 U87

AXE FX D13 2x12 57 R121

AXE FX D13 2x12 MIX 57 MD421

KEMPER D13 Blend 121 57

KEMPER D13 Blend 121 CV-12

IRIDIUM D13 121 MD 421

IRIDIUM D13 CV-12 R121