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What Makes This Song Great Ep. 36 — YES


  • David Guthrie

    This is true education. Thank for sharing your incredible knowledge. Such a pleasure to soak it up.

  • Joseph DiStefano

    Wonderful break down of not only Yes but I have listened to your other YouTube videos. Thanks for not only YouTube but your description of certain sounds and how they are produced like the reverse chord piano introduction or the double tracked vocal by Jon Anderson. I was even shocked by all the great music that came out in 1971 as well. If I wanted to start to learn how to play guitar what would you suggest?

  • Joe E. G.

    The Beato head-bob @ 7:32!!!!

  • Peter S

    Great video! “Close To The Edge” was my first album purchase, and I remember being floored by the sounds coming out of my dad’s stereo. I even tried convince him that Yes was playing symphony-style rock, whatever that might be. I picked up “Fragile” next, and couldn’t stop listening. These were real headphone albums! Thanks for breaking this down- I love the bit about the retard. Awesome!!

  • Jack Coleman
    Sometimes there are no words to describe how creative this is. I saw them play this in 1972 in Erie Pennsylvania. Steve Howe was so piercingly loud I had to put cigarette filters in my ears but the band in full regalia was unbelievable . You are breaking down this tune makes me appreciate it even more.

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