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What Makes This Song Great Ep. 20 — Queens of the Stone Age


  • Charles Pilcher

    Love what your doing, Glad I found you on utube. Cheers.

  • Charles Pilcher

    Love what your doing, Glad I found you on utube. Cheers.

  • Jesse West

    The ending was awesome. The piano part

  • Madison Marchant

    Love what you do, Rick. You MUST check out some Voivod! PLEASE!!!!!

  • Michael

    In the QOTSA song Feet Don’t Fail Me they do something really interesting for the bridge. A repeating 3 note pattern in 4/4 time so the one revolves. Josh is ridiculosly talented guy.

  • Joolz

    Rick what do you think of josh’s use of the minor pentatonic that he changed . 1 b3 4 5 b7 8 b3 #4 5 7 why does this work so well for him? It’s part of why he sounds the way he does.

  • Andre Feldmann

    Awesome stuff Rick, I’ll admit you sometimes lose me with the theory bits, but I am getting better! Sorry about the crap you get from the Blockers, hope you keep doing these videos , I really enjoy them and learn a lot from them!

  • Luigi

    How did you get the separate tracks for each part?

  • Ryan

    Awesome breakdown Rick. I just found your youtube channel within the last week and absolutely love your song breakdowns. Every single one. I watched your rant on blockers which is of course what lead me here. I agree with everything you say on that subject, I can only hope as time goes on, these backwards-thinking corporations and artists will either adapt or fade into history. Definitely would prefer adaptation, in terms of the artists. All the prominent blockers are artists I enjoy as well and it is disappointing that in 2018 it still happens. Cheers, and never stop!

  • Tommy Burick

    Excellent breakdown (as usual). I’m glad I stumbled on the rant regarding the blockers. I always wondered why you had no Pink Floyd and now I know. Very disappointing to learn that the artists were in on it as well. I’d love to have my song broken down like that.
    Keep on keeping on Rick!

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